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Our aroma products unfit for consumption

Achtung! Ab dem 13. September haben wir Betriebsurlaub! Dennoch bleibt unser Onlineshop weiterhin geöffnet!

Our Open Hours: Mo – Fr 9:00- 16:00

Our agracultural Cannabis factory was born at the 1st of September 2017. We only use EU certified cannabis seeds for industrial use. Our plants are selected, cultivated and harvested by hand, since they start to rise from their seeds. Because of our Genetics (Cannabis Cions) and because we use EU certified seeds, we can vouch for a low percentage of THC under 0.2% in our products! At this moment, at the following places, you can get our products: direct from us in our Grow Store, in our Online Store, from our friend and partner "Die Herzensbrennerin" , in Jürgen Platzers "Tattoo & Art" Store in Rottenmann, in the practice "Seelenglück" in Bad Goisern, as well as in "BriMaBio" , the Organic Store inside the "Arkaden" in Liezen. For any further questions, please contact us!

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